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Dedicated to helping students ignite their passion in realising their potential through our hands on and industry-based modules. As part of MOE’s broader efforts to stretch the potential of Normal Academic (NA) and Normal Technical (NT) students, to provide more opportunities for them to pursue their interests to the fullest, Elective Modules (EMs) were introduced to enrich the educational experience of these students. ​

EMs introduces students to a variety of interesting courses such as starting a retail business, hospitality and tourism and sports and wellness. Since 2005, many schools have been offering EMs covering a wide range of subject courses and Passionista has been in the forefront in meeting the needs and demands of these enriching and life changing programmes.

​ Passionista provides holistic and creative industrial based programs for our students. We are dedicated to helping students ignite their passion in realising their potential through our various hands on modules. The success of these modules is achieved through the help and collaboration of our various exceptional and passionate partners in the various professional industries.

​ We provide a stimulating platform where students are free to express their creative desires. Our Normal Academic (NA)/Normal Technical (NT) secondary Elective Module programmes are tailor made to reach out to students in a refreshing way and expose them to possible career paths with the support and guidance from our impressive and salient professionals.

​ Passionista insists on constructing practice oriented programmes, complete with educational learning journeys and inspiring exposure to industry experts enabling students to subsequently pursue their interests in their chosen field.

Some of Passionista’s esteemed industrial partners include Pivot Point, Imelda Hairstyling & Beauty Training, Adonis, Oriton School, Azzura, MBW Institute and First Media Design School.

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