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True to Tradition.

Dance Atelier promotes contemporary dances, having pioneered the first tambourine dance programme in 1998. It has since then become a popular choice of dance in numerous schools.

​ Through years of continuous innovation and development, Dance Atelier has developed more inspiring programmes in the area of dance and fitness that is Creative Movement, Ethnic Fusion, Percussive Movement and Twirling Flag. These programmes are geared towards the needs of today’s education emphasis on aesthetics, fitness and character skills development. ​

Educators have always advocated the importance of dance education from the onset of a young age. Over and above the aesthetic experience, it also provides exposure to different dance genres and styles. Our pedagogy is not only on the emphasis of dance skills but also on building character and SEL values and developing 21st Century Competencies.

​ As a dynamic partner in the area of aesthetics, many of the programmes offered have been endorsed by the National Arts Council’s Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP). This has given Dance Atelier a greater dimension to work closer with schools in choreographing, training and preparing students for dance competitions and performances for school and national events.

​ Dance Atelier takes a proactive approach in ensuring our programmes are delivered in line with the mission of our clients, establishing and maintaining long term relationships as an active member of the education and dance community.

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