Vivarch Enrichment Group



Pushing the Boundaries of Interaction.

Media in EPITOMEDIA comes in different forms: graphics, photography, text, audio, video and animation. Each one serves as a powerful communication platform for both expressive and practical purposes. ​

Basic artworks, drawing and designs are enhanced and come alive through the various software and resources tools offered in the media world. Coupled with their creative streak and dynamism, this creates an interactive work of Art that not only it engulfs a single sensory experience but an influx of sensory experiences that tells a story and presentation to be shared and appreciated on a global level. ​

Our Epitomedia trainers are equally competent and current in pursuing and pushing the boundaries of multimedia to its limits. With this passion, our trainers are keen on imparting the knowledge gained and equipping the next generation with such ideals and skills.

​ As what Epitomedia defines, our students are equipped with an abridged version of skill sets that is motivated enough to be the future media advocators on a higher degree.

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