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Micro:bit is a variant of micro-controllers, a mini computer if you will. Unlike other micro-controllers, micro:bit comes equipped as standard with myriad of onboard sensors, such as light sensor, accelerometer and magnetometer. Built-in button and LED arrays helps to enrich the learning progress of those who are starting anew in the journey of creating with code. Coding in micro:bit couldn’t be easier with the help of block-based programming, courtesy of Microsoft MakeCode.

​ In Vivarch Enrichment Group, we leverage the platform of micro:bit to create engaging lessons on coding and programming. We don’t only focus on the hard skill of actual programming, but rather also impart life skills that is gained from the journey of learning and help the students to transfer this skill to other non-coding domains as well.

​ Micro:bit is so flexible in terms of application, the possibilities are endless. Just like how your computer can be upgraded using multiple devices plugged into the USB port, micro:bit also has that capability. Speak to our friendly education consultant to find out how your school can better leverage micro:bit to enhance learning of coding and appreciation of technology in general. ​

  • Basic coding
  • Media arts with micro:bit
  • Home automation with micro:bit
  • Game design with micro:bit
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