Vivarch Enrichment Group



Through vocal, instruments, digital and a fusion of medium, music is an important outlet for self expression and creativity, but more to just that, it develops discipline, higher thinking skills and builds self esteem. Musicon aims to inculcate these values and depth of character while nurturing individuals who will touch others with their music, beyond the school setting and into a higher performance platform. ​

Musicon takes it one step further to develop programmes by understanding the objectives and desired outcomes of each individual school, fusing the available programmes, maximising our resources and establishing the best approach to administering the programme. ​

Musicon prides itself in its pool of experienced trainers who come from a vast array of musical backgrounds with experience in the national music industry. They are experienced educators having taught a wide spectrum of individuals. It combines the expertise of songwriters, singers, music composers, producers and sound engineers to offer enrichment and curriculum programmes.

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