Vivarch Enrichment Group



Participation in sports helps young individuals build a sound body to withstand the daily pressures of life but also prepares them with a sound mind in the values which they learn such as team work, fair play, respect for themselves and others. ​

Sports First is a multi faceted sports provider which not only cultivates the sportsmanship of an individual but also focuses on character development. Sports such as archery, rock climbing and golf are some of our notable programmes catered towards igniting the sporting spirit and inculcating in them new vigour and enthusiasm towards their overall outlook towards life.

​ Our trainers are equipped with the necessary education and skills to conduct programmes within and outside the boundaries of school. In addition, they are made up of sportsmen, specialists in the field and sports aficionados who bring to the programme years of experience and passion in their instruction.

​ Sports, games and health education form an integral component of an all rounded education. Mental and moral development is intrinsically linked with physical development. The adage ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ rings true when we witness a spirit of cooperation, determination and discipline among young individuals involved in sports.

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