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Many people still associate losing weight with running on an unforgiving treadmill. However, sports are actually better designed for losing weight and staying healthy. You can lose more pounds, and get other benefits by playing sports. ​

• Kinball
• Bowling
• Bubble Soccer
• Pool Ball


A person could spend hours doing cardio in the gym – but actually, you are better off doing short bursts of intense, fat-burning work and it’s the fastest way to jump- start your metabolism and save time. Best of all, you’re not losing muscle, which could happen during long bouts of cardio activities.

​ • TRX Conditioning
• TRX Strength
• Marathon Runner
• Muay Thai
• Rope Skipping
• Kicking Boxing


Cardio dancing is rapidly growing in popularity not only as a hobby but also as a regular part of an exercise routine. The activities can contribute to weight loss and get your body toned
at the same time. For these reasons, dance are becoming a natural part of gyms and dance studios, and both are now offering various dance classes.

​ • K-Pop Fitness
• Zumba


One of the biggest issues with most dieting plans is the inflexibility. Quite simply, you have too many rules that force you to take a plan that doesn’t really fit how you eat and live. Our programme teaches a smarter approach to look at your day-to-day habits and then build the plan around you, since making a diet fit your life is a big part of making sure it’s successful.

​ • Healthy balance diet and meal preparation

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