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Create your own visual style… ​

Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others. ​

Let it be Artelier Visual Arts!

Creativity and art are key contributors to a child’s development and Artelier aims to do just that and more, with its comprehensive selection of visual arts programmes under the Vivarch Group of Enrichment Companies. ​

Artelier has made its outreach of visual arts programmes to numerous schools from primary to tertiary, through the curriculum and CCA. In addition, Artelier has expanded its scope to include more sub categories within the visual arts realm. The need to do so stems from the constant evolving art environment which Artelier recognises, in turn keeping us in the fore font as a prominent partner schools choose to work with.

​ Our Programme Directors have delved deep into the wide world of visual arts and crafted up to 40 programmes in total, which will boost a student’s exposure and creativity as well as meeting the demands of the directives set by each school we work with. Among the key popular programmes we offer in the respective categories and have administered in schools include Anime, Glass Painting, Clay Art (NAC endorsed) and Relief Printing. ​

Artelier’s mission is to impart the beauty of art, and this is done so most effectively through its trainers and teaching methodology. ​

Our trainers are seasoned practitioners with many years of experience teaching in schools, equipping them with the necessary skills to be educators with finesse. In addition to just teaching the techniques of each programme, our trainers also infuse the elements of social and emotional learning, imparting values such as teamwork and co-operation, making every learning experience with Artelier truly enjoyable, effective and unforgettable.

​ Artelier is dedicated to inspiring students through the various visual arts programmes with the mission to open their eyes to view art in everyday life, whilst continually developing their creativity via different mediums.

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