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Dance is an art form that seeks to provide a multitude of benefits in the aesthetic, intellectual and physiological development of an individual. In answering to this call, Studio Wu has been at the forefront, reaching out to schools through its cutting edged street style dance programmes. ​

Hip Hop, Popping and House Dance not only offers a creative outlet for expression, but also introduces students to the newest evolution in dance styles and keeps them abreast of the changing environment in the worldwide street dance scene. ​

The full range of dance programmes are specially tailored to the specification set by the schools. With programmes endorsed by the National Arts Council’s Arts Education Programme (NAC – AEP) and Singapore Sports Council’s Sports Education Programme (SEP), providing quality teaching, emphasis on training to the current dance sensations and developing techniques and performance skills are adages Studio Wu embraces.

​ Studio Wu also maintains a pool of high caliber trainers and instructors. They undergo the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP), First Aid and Safety Training and Special Education Certification (by Rainbow Centre) to ensure the best coaching students can expect to receive. ​

In addition, with the increasing emphasis on the importance of providing a cross cultural platform for the Arts, Studio Wu has taken upon itself to support and develop programmes that will elevate arts education excellence to a higher level.

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